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Prova Real- Arco de Baúlhe

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Lugar do Carvalhal 4860-069 ARCO de BAÚLHE


Cabeceiras de Basto

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Source: IMT

Coordinates (Approximate)

41.49004001239783 -7.9633899722077786

Source: ESRI

ApprovalN. Exams201548%192201661%106201752%115201858%99201963%71202064%69202161%84
ApprovalN. Exams201559%145201651%103201754%97201858%99201953%81202069%71202170%67

Source: IMT

Data relative to exams in the last six years. Accounts for all categories (driving, motorbike, etc) and only first passes. This chart compares approval in practical exam (driving) with approval in theoretical exam (Highway code). Approval rates is the number of exams passed vs. the number of exams done.